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What is the wrong mistake of Tamil Nadu youth?

Brother Raja Tamil (9003932133)
Came home.
He deserves a GREY IOSH.
Graduate Member of IOSH/ London)

Just like he is one of the people I am
In Tamil Nadu, this is the qualification.


Is this a new name that is not a question?

I’ll ask him.

King of tamil

I’m in the 2004th. E. Graduated.
Joined at IBM Admin of ibm company in pune.
Need to go 7 OR 8 am.
The house will be 9 pm back in the evening.
It’s seven months.
Continue the same job
It was a return to the back. Bored.

Testing in the same field, dot. Switched to net sections.
Went to the town of amīrpēṭ market in Andhra.
It’s near secunderabad.
There are thousands of training centers there. Four months training.
Low fees.

At Isoft company in that field
Got job.
We took the project alone.
In 5 months that too was bored.

What’s the next way? The chaos is confusing.

I decided to read IAS.

This is the mistake of doing many people in Tamil Nadu.

Adam and Anna Ias Academy.
M. S. It was organized by khan.
Lord ias studied there.
I got a place in the room before he was in.

For is trying to be IAS.
But it must have been in the school of training.
At least four years of families have to be helped.
You must keep reading without seeing any other work.

I have a year to understand this.

I will go to connemara in the morning every day.
After open I will enter the first one
I’ll come out as soon as you close.
There’s all my friends out there.

Next to thiyagaraya nagar Apollo training company joined. Group 1 main
Shyam is conducting.

Unable to win the selection.
I read my zakir hussain.
He went chaudhary.
He said there is a good income.

Then Msme for small entrepreneurs
For five days, the Tamil Nadu government issued the training.
I got it.
Straight Contracting LLC has interview in Dubai company.
I got the exam and went to the bag.
Seven years of gulf life.

I checked in at l & T COMPANY INTERVIEW. But when you check the certificate,
I’m p. E. As a computer graduate
Not working.

So, I have made the eligible qualification for health safety and tomorrow.
M. Tech Industrial safety started at Anna Hill. Three years.
Classes on Saturday, Sunday,

So, I went to chennai from twice and went to the bus for red.
In three years
Came to chennai from Dubai 72 times.
My kaṭavuccīṭṭup pages are not gone.
My income is spending everything in flying.
Passed the first class. (75 percent)

Next in the same field doctorate in safety Anna University. Only 3 people have a chance for a year. I got it.

What are you doing in the interview? You asked.

I told the founder of the net safety company.
That’s it.
I don’t ask any other questions.

Nebosh International Diploma is London company training. They are now approved by 39 companies to treat this training.
It is one of my company.
But even el and t doesn’t deserve this.

This company,
Now in Dubai, United States
I’ve started.

Type and see photos.

Currently going to times a month.
Months Once America go to America.

This place should tell my love wife.

Name Asha. Chennai is.
In The United States of CD
Five years of work and came to Dubai.
There was a project head in the emar company.
This company has built the Burj Khalifa building.

And I’m not on Facebook. We’re about to launch through yahoo messenger chat.
Three years of habit. Love.
Two-house approval
Wedding in 29.6.2012

Next Dubai joined in Arab constructions constructions.

First 35000 people joined my facebook group.

Nebosh IGC, (15 days 1 lakh)
Lead Auditor (Rs.50000)
Nebosh International Diploma (Rs/7lakhs)
NVQ Diploma (Rs/4 lakhs)
American Red Cross First Aid (40000 in USA)
Scaffolding Training Institute, Train the Trainer (Rs/2 lakhs)
I completed the training.

American Europeans
It’s easy to get these exercises.
There are these companies.

What if it started in India? The comment made me face.

I started trying for it.
In 2012, I started a your company.
The growth has started.

Now there are 1,02,000 people in my facebook group.

The view of the people who went to America to get these training from India completely.
Now back to my company in Chennai.

It’s not only
Many people working in gulf countries
Take a monthly leave and come to chennai and get a certificate from my company.
Next they promotion there.
Salary promotion confirmed on lakhs of accounts.

Now in my companies
19 interview and 30 people working in a negative face.

My wife left job
Help me for the whole time
Come from.
The company is watching the responsibilities.

Everything I’ve ever earned
I just spend my high school.
Dubai to start American branches only
I spend 50 lakhs.
So, you didn’t buy any property.

Education is my property.
I will keep on improving it.

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