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Today, I had the good fortune to meet Mr. Dharma Raj in Cuddalore. He is a EurekaVivasay, a natural farmer. I was on my way to my hometown, Namakkal, I stopped midway to buy the seed balls, which he sells. I own a small piece of land in my village, I would sow the seeds there and later cover the entire village. Thereafter, we have plans to distribute these seed balls to our Redhat Safety branches. We have started with 1000 seed balls, in the future the number could go up to 10,000 in a month.We are initiating this process which would help the next generation to have a greener planet and maybe the problem of scarcity of rain and water could be addressed. Nowadays, we are fraught with the water crisis everywhere, especially in Chennai. My humble request to all is to spread these kind of green activities as much as you can, across the country.

Mr Dharmaraj can be contacted at+91 90039 93017

Note: A seed ball (or seed bomb) is a seed that has been wrapped in soil materials, usually a mixture of clay and compost, and then dried. Essentially, the seed is ‘pre-planted’ and can be shown by depositing the seed ball anywhere suitable for the species, keeping the seed safely until the proper germination window arises.

I have an ardent appeal to make to all my friends and followers. In the present scenario of acute water shortage and failure of the annual monsoon in Tamil Nadu, we have to take up tree plantation on a seriously massive scale. If each one of us plant just two trees each, maybe in the names of our parents or children and take care of them for the initial two years, it will give a boost to the greening efforts of our street/ town / city and in the long run the entire state.I am sure you are spread all over TN and the world and can individually MAKE A DIFFERENCE, which can transform our landscape, Your children will observe you and that can bring a transformation in their attitude towards their surroundings. People who live in flat systems or individual houses you have to necessarily implement water harvesting in your respective common areas of your residences. You may contact any plumber/mason who would know the simple procedure. Mr Dharmaraj (90039 93017) for the supply of seed balls which would cost Rs 2-5/ only. These seed balls are to be best used on the highways, just throw them when you are driving down. Saplings and guidance can be bought from any nursery of your locality and they would also tell you how to care for them till they mature in two years of time. It is easy to plant a sapling, but to nurture its growth as you have nurtured your children is more significant.Remember, you are doing a favor to nobody but to your children, so that they do not see a worse water situation. We cannot ignore the calamity which might befall even if we do not wake up to reality. You may leave an inheritance behind, but without water the inheritance would become useless.










Raja Tamilselvan, CMIOSH
RD – Redhat Safety

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