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By the beginning of 2016, I started deep research about waste management. I also wrote an article comparing the #Indian_waste_management system with the #American_model. As usual, I had received a lot of appreciation along with a lot of flak. I did not pay much heed to either and continued with my efforts. In 2016, the Indian Government revised the rules of Solid Waste Management and started its implementation which was quite similar to the American Waste Management System.Now the Government would initiate the defined procedure in residences and would oversee how it pans out, if sufficient cooperation is not extended by the residents, then it would implement fines or penalty chargesThough my efforts were miniscule in comparison to others, nevertheless it made me happy. This depicts that even a common man can effect change if he makes honest and sincere efforts and approaches the correct channels.


Raja Tamilselvan, CMIOSH
RD – Redhat Safety

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