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Rumors are – ‘Recession has started and many have lost their jobs already’. But according to my knowledge, it’s not 100 % true. Still HSE market is in good condition. Most of my friends have switched and got the jobs easily in this period. But they all are professionally qualified and with experience. The Question is- ‘How to sustain a job and how to get a job easily in the HSE field’? How is it possible?

My only answer is Grad IOSH

Yes, till now how many Grad IOSH members have lost their jobs? And how many of them are searching the job?. No one. Most of the clients are asking only Grad IOSH members.

OK, How to achieve Grad IOSH?

1. Nebosh International Diploma – Exams are conducted twice in a year -i.e. in January and in July. No basic qualification required. 3 Theory exam and 1 Practical Submission.


2. NVQ Diploma – No Examination. Only Project Submission. Previously it was ten units, but now it is 12 Units and On-site assessment. Minimum three years experience required in HSE field.


3. British Safety Council Diploma-
Unit 1 is assessed by a 3-hour written examination
Unit 2 is assessed by a 2.5-hour written examination and a workplace-based assignment
Unit 3 is assessed by a workplace-based assignment


I’ll give a simple solution to get a job in HSE field.
That is -Become a Grad IOSH and become a Nebosh Trainer and be eligible to conduct classes for most of the international HSE courses.

At present, 305 Companies are having Nebosh IGC Accreditation and 49 Companies are having Nebosh International Diploma accreditation all over the world.
Most of the companies are looking for a qualified trainer. Nowadays it is very difficult to find Nebosh Certificated Trainers in the market. So please collect the company information from Nebosh website and some other accredited body website and forward your cv to them.

At present Nebosh certificate trainer market price is per day minimum AED 1000 (400 dollars).
So hereafter please don’t worry about the recession and market conditions. If you have knowledge and Professional Qualification, you will get the job anywhere in the world.

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