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Rain water is a potential resource to actually recharge the Ground Water time to time, in ancient era or time period there was routine incessant rainfall time to time. The incessant rainfall will actually recharge the ground water table and the water aquifers present in that particular area. Rainfall is a natural occurrence which will recharge the existing lakes, ponds, and other water reservoirs time to time again and again.

But due to existing excessive urbanization which will involve, deforestation, migration of human workers to cities and subsequent global warming and greenhouse effect, there is too much of a change in the climatic conditions in each and every region. I personally feel that the water is a valuable resource, which is nowadays irreplaceable and there must be an adequate amount of storage facilities to conserve it.

It’s important to save water and store water for our upcoming generations.

Earlier, our ancestors used some wise systems of water conservation and rain water harvesting methods, the reason why I am posting this article is that presently I saw the water storage system in the USA and it reminded me of our ancient method of storing and conserving water.

In each and every region of our country (India) there is a primitive type of storage method which actually our ancestors usually practiced. In Andhra Pradesh – Cheruvvu (Small Ponds were dug to save or store water), Andaman Nicobar- Jack Wells (Small Ponds are prepared to store or conserve water), Kerala- Surangam (Tunnels are dug to divert water), Delhi- Baolis (Or step wells for irrigation), Tamil Nadu- Eerie, Ooranis (Small Ponds and reservoirsto collect store water), Uttar-Pradesh (Kund- Reservoir)

All these types of water storage systems were designed and devised by our ancestors in the early ages, nowadays we have no sightings of the so called small ponds, reservoirs , step wells nowhere in our country. There are some areas or places where there is only the outer existence of a reservoir, either the reservoir bed is dry or parched and mostly such kind of reservoirs or pond beds are completely turned into construction sites or a playground.

Due to our urbanization we had faced the consequence of 2015 floods ( Chennai), Now we are facing 2018 (Kerala Floods). These are tough lessons that are being learnt from our side.

But surprisingly, I had noticed such kind of small primitive well storage and pond storage in USA , while I was gone for #Jogging I had noticed the same. In the USA they are actually stored water in ponds and small wells and depressions, to avoid water logging I am an Amazed and at the same time I am in deep thought of sadness.

Dear friends its time that we had taken some cautious efforts to conserve water , and so far we had learnt water is a renewable resource. But at the present state of depleting water table and no frequent rains, dry canals , dry ponds , dry lakes, dry aquifers soon the water will become scarce. It’s time we took some cautious efforts towards “Rain Water Harvesting”


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