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Nebosh Revision Crosswords. Please try to solve it with in 15 minuets



1. Independent, systematic review of health & safety management system (5)
5. Form of hazardous substance in air (4)
7. See 21 down
9. Serious condition present for the issue of a Prohibition Notice (6)
11.​If long, there may be a risk of entanglement (4)
13. Considerations for handling an assessment (4)
14. Found in EH40 (3)
15. The best way of dealing with a hazard (9)
17. 2002 Regulations to protect health (5)
20. Crown or County? (5)
22. Pieces of equipment which remove air-borne contaminants (4)
23. The current measure? (4)
24. 1989 Regulations that don’t shock! (Abbreviation) (4)
26. Lifting equipment that may require a banksman (5)
27. Lack of this could contribute to human errors (5)


1. Too much of this would slow your reactions! (3)
2. Hazards of this are musculoskeletal disorders and eyestrain (Abbreviation) (3)
3. An example of a confined space (4)
4. You would need to consider this when looking at the individual in a manual handling assessment (7)
5. ________ of escape (5)
6. ______ place or person control (4)
8. A hazard associated with roof work (4)
9. Stain __________. For measuring the amount of contaminant in the air (8)
10. Produced by a hazard (4)
12.This could be a hazard when using load moving equipment or a fork lift truck (4)
15.A burn to this organ would be reportable under RIDDOR 1995 (3)
16.A control measure or what you would do to the power supply before working on a machine (7)
18.This may result from prolonged, regular use of a pneumatic drill or strimmer (Abbreviation) (4)
19.Particles of ionising radiation (5)
21.and 7 across number of days after which an accidental injury becomes reportable under RIDDOR 1995 (4,5)
23. Heat or ignition source connected with electricity (3)
25. Abbreviation for the items dealt with by 1998 Regulations (2)


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