International Diploma in Safety Engineering Level-6
BecomeGradIOSH with IDSE (IOSH accredited qualification)

Level 6 Diploma Certified by NCFE – UK

Level 6 International Diploma in Safety Engineering is certified by NCFE UK and Accredited by IOSH for GRADIOSH Membership.

This diploma is highly beneficial for those professionals who have some safety and engineering roles in the organization.

The diploma is very unique and is much better than the available options because unlike other diploma in OH&S, it is based on skill oriented basic engineering knowledge necessary for day to day occupational safety and health affairs of the organizations.

Key benefits and features of this diploma includes;
– Accredited by IOSH for GradIOSH Membership
– The diploma has only 2 units. Both are assessed by a 5 hours written exam each
– There is no requirement of practical reports submission. Everything is included in 5 hours exam for each unit
– The diploma is offered via Distance learning only for experienced professionals. Please read registration requirements below
– No more waiting for the results for months. Result within 15 working days.
– You can get registered for the diploma 3 week prior to the exam.
– Exams for the diploma will be administered by approved centers in British Council Centers in Jeddah, Dammam, Muscat, Basra, Doha, Dubai, Kuwait, Bahrain, Singapore, Nigeria, in India Redhat Safety etc. We shall add more cities in this list in future
– Exams will be held 4 to 6 times a year at all international venues.

Registration Requirements

You are eligible to apply for this diploma if you meet any of the following requirements:
1- A-Levels (Or equivalent in Science subjects) + 3 years OH&S experience OR
2- Level 3 certification in OH&S (IOSH Accredited only) + 3 years OH&S experience OR
3- A graduate degree in Science subjects from reputable university + 1 years OH&S experience OR
4- Four years engineering degree (B.E or BS Engg) from a reputable university
Note: A “Declaration Form” must be filled by each student as part of the registration confirming the qualification and experience criteria is met. Those who do not meet the registration requirements will not be registered. Registration requirement has been introduced to increase the pass percentage for the qualification and attracting only those professionals who have bright chances of success in IDSE.

Assessment Structure

Qualification is assessed via 2 closed book written exams (1 Ea for both units) comprising total 150 Marks in each assessment. Passing marks are 50% for each unit. Maximum time allowed for each examination is 5 hours.
Note: There will be two sections in each exam and a break of 10 Min will be given after first section. However, both section need to be completed the same day.

The qualification has been carefully designed to meet industry requirements for occupational safety and health provisions. The existing diploma in OH&S provide generic information about occupational health and safety. Both units of IDSE have been designed in such a manner that the successful professionals of Unit 1 will be able to establish, implement, maintain, manage and continually improve the OH&S Management system based on any standard including OHSAS 18001 or upcoming ISO 45001. Similarly, Unit 2 has given more emphasis on the engineering related skill, knowledge and information for the requirement of occupational safety and health provisions at the workplace. The Unit 2 provides the professionals with the core knowledge of engineering which they can translate into skill base for engineering design assessments, material failure modes, incident investigations, reliability engineering, structure analysis, equipment selection, engineering risk assessments, engineering control designs and assessments, mathematical and geometric calculations and much more.

Course Syllabus

Unit 1: Achieving Continual Improvement in OH&S Management System
Element 1: Assess the planning of an OH&S Management System from continual improvement perspective
Element 2: Assess the established & Implemented OH&S Management System from the continual improvement perspective
Element 3: Review and assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the inspection and audit process for OH&S Management System
Element 4: Review and assess the efficiency and effectiveness of Management Review process for the OH&S Management System
Unit 2: Principles and Application of Science and Technology in Safety
Element 1: Assess and apply basic principles of Chemistry at the workplace for occupational health and safety
Element 2: Assess and apply basic principles of Physics at the workplace for occupational health and safety
Element 3: Assess various inspection techniques and their applications for mechanical equipment
Element 4: Assess the designs of tools, equipment or structures for their reliability for use in a given environment from an occupational health and safety perspective
Element 5: Assess the occupational health and safety risks from electricity at the workplaces
Element 6: Assess the occupational health and safety risks from fire at the workplaces
Element 7: Assess the occupational health and safety risks from nuclear and other radiations hazards
Element 8: Assess the Biological health hazards at the workplace and the application of suitable controls
Element 9: Assess the significance of engineering controls against a range of hazards at the workplaces
Element 10: Assess the requirement of information Technology for Occupational Health and safety within the workplaces
Element 11: Assess various mechanical devices used in industries for Occupational Health and safety at the workplaces for their suitability of use in specific environments


NCFE UK is the diploma awarding body. Upon successful completion of both units, NCFE will issue the diploma to the candidates. The diploma holders can subsequently apply for GradIOSH membership with IOSH after payment of requisite fee. Please check the details of IOSH Membership and its benefit

For more details please contact my Whatsapp number +919003932133 (10am to 7pm)

Raja Tamilselvan, CMIOSH
CEO & Founder – Redhat Safety


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