Kuwait’s government will begin checking and auditing university degree certificates when expats renew their residency visas.

“residencies will not be renewed no matter what the excuses are” if the certificate is not presented.

If expats present a different certificate to the one used when they were appointed they will be referred to the public prosecution to face charges of forgery.

Educational Certificate Attestation from Kuwait Embassy in India

Process 01
1. First, State Level Attestation Department will attest the documents
2. then Ministry of External Affairs will attest the documents
3. Finally Kuwait Embassy in New Delhi, India will do the certificate attestation

Process 02
1.The Home Department, Mumbai (Mumbai Mantralaya) will do (documents) certificate attestation at first
2. Then Ministry of External Affairs will complete the certificate attestation
3. And finally the (document) certificate will be Attested by the Kuwait Embassy in New Delhi, India

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