Few days back I came to know that the Saudi government establishes that, they will intake only the saudian in HSE field in future from 2020. Most of the HSE professional are questioning about it.
No need to get panic about the issue. It’s having lot of practical difficulties in it. So it’s highly impossible and also if they implement it then it’ll hardly take minimum of one generation duration.

And also many of them creating negative impacts and spreading things like no need to study any HSE Courses anymore.

But yet, I have few questions about it? As per their word if they send out from Saudi then they need to find the new job in HSE field in other countries. Though we are having plenty of opportunities in various countries too. Without proper HSE Qualifications how they will get the jobs. And also most of the HSE professional targeting only the gulf jobs. My question is that, Why not they will try for European Countries and USA, Canada? Apart from trying only in gulf countries.

First,We need to break the myth, of trying HSE jobs only in gulf countries and view our eye broader in European countries too. Many of us don’t know the opportunities available in European countries in HSE field. I already wrote the detailed article about it and sharing the links below.




Nowadays Asian countries also recruiting and preferring qualified HSE Professional. So without proper HSE Qualifications we can’t sustain in the HSE field. I realized it with my past experiences.

Please check my below article about it

Apart from everything, if we invested in the education it’ll return one day with huge career growth as well as great opportunities. So please try to develop your knowledge through education. Think always positive and don’t think negatively in any aspects. Investing in safety field education is worthy, now as well as in future for their career support.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Raja Tamilselvan, CMIOSH

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