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1. How many HSE professionals properly using this certificates?
2. Did you know the real value of the certificate?
3. How much does a Lead Auditor earn per day?
4. Have you checked the genuineness of the Certificate?
5. How would you identify the credibility of the Institute?
6. How would you become an IRCA Approved Lead Auditor?
7. How to maintain the audit log?
8. How to migrate from 18001 Certification to 45001 Certification?

How many HSE professionals are using this Certificate , properly?

Nowadays most of the HSE professionals are having this certificate but unfortunately 90 percent of them use it only for interview purposes .

But as a Lead Auditor you must practice the below mentioned points :

1. Lead Auditor must successfully execute a management systems audit
2. He must understand the differences between the auditing clause and the process approaches
3. He must create clear, concise and relevant audit reports
4. If it’s possible you should effectively communicate your report to a client or a consultant

If you are able to perform as the above mentioned norms you would be either noticed by senior professionals or at least develop your knowledge .

Did you know the real value of the certificate?

In an interview it’ll give you the added advantage but if you become an expert in audit then you may establish your career as an HSE AUDIT CONSULTANT.

Many employers and clients demand IRCA certificated auditors bearing the official IRCA card in their audits.

How much does the Lead Auditor earn per day?

If your name is established in the market you may earn a minimum of Rs. 64,000 ($1000) per day. At the same time you should also have additional Safety related qualifications/Membership like Grad IOSH, CMIOSH, CSP, etc. Please note that clients always check your qualification background.

Did you check the genuineness of the Certificate?

Nowadays some of the new institutes are issuing fake certification in the market. They are stealing the database from the big organizations and keep sending emails to the candidates. Besides, they promise low fees and certification with out any examination . So please be aware of these fraudulent institutions in the market.

How you will identify the genuineness of the Institute ?

1. First you need to check the Director ‘s background like his Safety related qualification and experiences
2. You need to check whether that particular institute has any international accreditation 
3. For how long they have been in the market?
4. Please do not get carried away by the look of their office or their websites. Nowadays , most of the fake Institutes are having plush offices and websites.
5. If any of the institutions are promising you 100% job guarantee and pass guarantee, you could rest assured that it is a fake institution and to reassure yourself, you may investigate with their previous students and they will explain their worst experiences.

Having been in this field for more than 14 years and successfully managing a FB Group called “HSE JOBS AND INFORMATION” which has one lac HSE members and having tie ups with 27 placement agencies . I am still unable to give job guarantee to my Redhat candidates . I do not give any assurances to my students in the international exams like NEBOSH etc.

How you will become an IRCA approved Lead Auditor?

Submit your application form to applications@quality.org. please select ‘Provisional Auditor’ grade.
Please enclose the following: with your application:
1. Your application fee. 
2. Your certificate. 
3. Your resume/CV.
For more details please visit this link

How to maintain the audit log?
For details please visit the below mentioned link : 

How to migrate from 18001 to 45001 ISO Certification ?

If you have the 18001 Certificate , you are eligible to migrate to 45001 certification . You just need to attend the refreshment Training for a day. For more information please check the below link 

Raja Tamilselvan 

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