Last year RedHat Safety had registered more than 150 candidates for an international examination. Unfortunately, due to a flaw in their administration, they delayed the publishing of the results by 10 months or more. The candidates’ ordeal did not end here. The international board asked them to rewrite the exam. Many institutions have been affected by this blunder.

Most of the institute’s followed their directive and asked their respective examinees to rewrite the exam, but I had in the meantime lost my faith in that Board and did not want my students to rewrite the exam and wait for the declaration of the result and suffer the whole ordeal all over again.

I asked them instead to register themselves in another international board. God’s grace none of the students had a complaint or made a comment. As I have the good fortune to register them in another board which had both the UK and the USA accreditation and had the membership of both the countries. I was advised by many to collect extra fees from the students, which I turned down and paid the fees for so many students from my own resources.

Everyone advised me that it was not a sound business proposition, but I didn’t consider the commercial aspect, I was completely taken up by the plight of the students and their sufferings. Complete trust was bestowed on me without asking a single question about the delay in the declaration of the results and the reexamination aspects.

It was a huge financial crisis for me to arrange for such huge funds to register all the students into the new course but finally I managed it quite efficiently. By God’s grace the registration and the exam were completed and most of the students got their certificates and their memberships. Some are yet to receive which will also be done asap.

Subsequently, each of the 150+ candidates referred at least three candidates per head and we had a mind blowing number of registrations henceforth. Nowadays, most of the batches, fill up automatically without much effort from our side.

We then, since crossed 1000+ registrations this year alone and there are many who are ready to wait for even 6 months for enrollments and to write the exam from RedHat Safety.

I would like to thank all my well wishers, profusely and my students to shower their live and bestow their faith in my efforts. I humbly acknowledge their patience and trust reposed in me.


Raja Tamilselvan, CMIOSH
CEO & Founder – Redhat Safety

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