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Dhitech Consultancy services
Experience12 to 14 Yrs
Location Saudi Arabia

Degree in Engineering or equivalent and minimum industry certification from internationally recognized agency (OSHA, NEBOSH etc.)
8 year experience and 4 years as Safety Engineer in High Voltage Project
o perform construction management and inspection services for the construction of various Substations and Transmission Lines and to review all proposed materials, specifications, general substation and transmission line engineering work and procedures for use on these Projects as well as to assist the Company in the smooth execution of the following project awarded to construction contractors:

1.PTS17EO200 Construction of 230kV D/C OHTLs Connecting HDGCP-3 to WAQGCP-1 (56km), HDGCP-3 to HDGCP-4 (27km), HDGCP-4 to MDGCP-1 (23km), HDGCP-4 TO TNGCP-1 (46km) and TNGCP-1 TO MDGCP-1 (30km) SAUDI ARAMCO SOUTH PACKAGE)

2.PTS17EO201 Construction of 230kV D/C OHTLs Connecting HAWIYAH to HWGCP-1 (17km), HAWIYAH to HDGCP-1 (51km) and HDGCP-2 to HDGCP-3 (24km) SAUDI ARAMCO NORTH PACKAGE)

3.PTS17EO202 Construction of 230kV D/C OHTLs Connecting GZGCP-1 to WOGCP-1 (72km) and 69kV D/C OHTL Connecting GZGCP-1 to WUDAYHI Residential Compound (32km) SAUDI ARAMCO SATELLITE PACKAGE)
The high voltage 230kV transmission line project experience is a MUST.

The following document must be submitted along with the CVs.
1.The minimum total years of experience is a must
2.The minimum years of work according the position requirement is a must.
3.Copy of Saudi consulate attested degree certificate if available
4.Copy of experience certificate
5.Candidates must have a valid driving license in their country or in KSA/GCC

Employer details
Company Name: Dhitech Consultancy services

Dhitech Consultancy services

Greetings from Dhitech Consultancy Services!!!!

Dhitech Consultancy Services(www.Dhitechcs.com) provides Specialists, Engineers & Technicians to Onshore and Offshore Engineering, Construction, Operation and Maintenance relating to Oil &Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Infrastructure, Construction and other Logistics activities & other Sectors for Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE,dubai,United Arab Emirates etc.

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