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USA is a dream for some individuals, some do visualize their dream and make it true .

This article of mine is to provide some information related to how to get a job in the USA and what are the routes to pursue your dream of entering the USA.

Getting a job in the USA is entirely dependent on the existing Demand and supply in the country, generally most people gain their entry into the USA by the following Visa’s

1. Education J Visa
2.H1B Work Visa
3.B1/B2 Buisness Visa
4.L Inter-company Transfer Visa
5.O Speciality Visa
6.Investing 0.5 Million to get Green card
7. M Visa for Vocational Course
8. Green Card Lottery

The requirements and the necessities are the most important things to gain your entry into the USA.

Based upon the
HSE Job Opportunity in the USA.

What are the job opportunities in USA shortlisting the Job vacancies is also an important criteria….

If HSE vacancies are high, then it’s easy to gain entry into the USA. For safety professionals there as a magic term called ASP/CSP which is also a route of entry into the USA.

Health and Safety Engineer Salary in USA : https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=598510377150437&id=247494338918711

Raja Tamilselvan CMIOSH
RD – Redhat Safety

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