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Nowadays most of our candidates are asking these same questions.

1. How to settle in Canada?
2. How to settle in USA?
3. How to get the job in Abudhabi? 
4. How to acheive CSP and CRSP?

1. How to settle in Canada? 
CRSP is the answer

2. How to settle in USA? 
CSP is the answer

3. How to get the job in Abhdhabi

4. . How to acheive CSP and CRSP
it’s having some eligiblity criteria. Like CSP you must have some qualifications and experience
CRSP you must have some qualifications and You need to clear the interview to write CRSP

Why not you take Grad IOSH route. Yes Once you achieve CMIOSH then directly you are eligible to write CSP and CRSP same time at Canada and USA. Most of the HSE directors are from UK so absolutely they will give first preference to Grad IOSH and CMIOSH candidates in the interview.

Once you achieve Grad IOSH afterwards no one will check which route you had followed to achieve it. So always take the fastest way to achieve Grad IOSH and CMIOSH.

If you need any further clarification please feel free to contact my Whatsapp number +919003932133. Upto 10th I’ll be in USA. I’ll try to answer all your messages. But once I am back to India I’ll be busy with my regular life style. So please don’t expect any reply after 10th.

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Raja Tamilselvan , CMIOSH

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