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In recent times, most of the candidates who get the Grad IOSH  memberships are disinterested in upgrading to CMIOSH memberships. Almost 80% of the people who have opted for this profession, stop at the Grad IOSH membership without any willingness to take it further.

Why are they not able to acquire the CMIOSH membership?  If a candidate completes his Level 6 Diploma, they would be awarded the membership of Grad IOSH, but if you analyse you would see that they actually spent  approximately 5 years to get the CMIOSH membership. But are 5 years required to achieve the CMIOSH membership? I certainly do not think so. Then within a year a candidate would get his CMIOSH membership. Yes, that’s correct. But how can they do this, by taking which course of action? They can do so by taking up the study of NVQ Diploma.

I will tell you how.  In NVQ Diploma, the candidate can bypass two years of IPD in HSE to develop his skills portfolio. By doing this, candidates can achieve the Grad IOSH to the CMIOSH membership within 5 months if they take up the route of getting trained for NVQ Diploma.

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