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NEBOSH receives regular requests from employers, recruitment agencies, Higher Education institutions, and other similar bodies to verify that an individual actually holds a NEBOSH qualification.

If you have a copy of the qualification parchment, we can verify within 5 working days whether it is genuine or not.

If you do not have a copy of the qualification parchment, we can still verify whether or not the individual holds one of our qualifications. However, in order for us to comply with the Data Protection Act, such requests can only be processed if the request is received in writing; using the qualification verification request form. Disclosure will not be made in response to an enquiry via the telephone.

Requests to confirm qualifications held in the absence of a copy of the parchment will be processed as soon as all the relevant information and authorisations are received, but may take up to 20 working days.

The person subject to this request does not have to provide authorisation. However, they must be aware that checks are being made. The organisation making the request must provide evidence that they have advised the individual they will be seeking to verify that they hold the qualification that they claim to. If they are unable to provide this evidence, authorisation from the person who is the subject of the request will be required.

The information we provide will be limited to whether or not the individual holds the qualification claimed. NEBOSH will not disclose marks achieved or verify unit examination results.

Requests to confirm qualifications to external educational institutions or for emigration/visa purposes, where completion of external paperwork is required will be processed within 5 working days from receipt of the relevant documents. NEBOSH will if requested, disclose marks achieved or verify unit examination results. Authorisation from the candidate will be required. The following charges apply for this service:

• £25 fee for completing paperwork supplied by an external organisation or where a result transcript is not acceptable.
• Fee for secure postage – £15 UK, £40 overseas, where an email is not acceptable.

All qualification verification requests should be addressed to verifications@nebosh.org.uk

Fax number: 0116 2824000

Source: https://www.nebosh.org.uk/Faq/default_faqanswers.asp?f=113

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