As per 2009 Survey

The average salary of a health and safety engineer is about $79,760 a year. 
The lowest 10% is at most $45,370;
the highest 10% is at least $118,750.
The median salary is $76,830.

The best industry for employment are nonresidential building construction ($74,600); architectural, engineering, and related services ($84,200); and management, scientific, and technical consulting services ($75,110). The top paying industry is oil and gas extraction, which pays $110,390 on average a year.

The top three paying states are Alaska ($109,390), New Jersey ($94,190), and Washington ($93,940).

I attached 2009 Survey Chart for your Reference. But now the HSE Engineers are getting 40percent higher than this attached chart.

Note: My next article “how to achieve the job in USA”

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