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#CRSP – Canadian Registered Safety Professional

“What do I have to do to become CRSP certified?”
There are several stages to go through before achieving CRSP Certification. The stages are:

Determine Your Eligibility
1. Submit a Certification Application
2. BCRSP Qualifications Review
3. BCRSP Peer-Interview (for CRSP® certification only)
4. Sit for a BCRSP certification examination
Board Approval
5. Ethics Declaration & Initial Certification Fee

Determine Your Eligibility
Individuals considering applying for a CRSP certification must first review the eligibility criteria for the certification to determine their eligibility. You need to consider whether you meet the academic, professional development (if applicable) and experience requirements.

CRSP Peer-Interview
If you are applying for the CRSP® certification, your file may be selected for interview. If you are selected for interview, you will be interviewed by Regional Screening Committee volunteer(s) at a mutually agreed upon time and location. (Interviews are typically arranged in person in the major cities in Canada, and by teleconference or web conference if you are outside of a major center, or internationally located.

Note: You can be exempted from the interview process with your CMIOSH qualification.

Shortest way to achieve CRSP : Grad IOSH – CMIOSH – CRSP

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