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Dear friends, today am going to write about my experience while I was doing Neboshh diploma. I enrolled for a Nebosh international diploma in 2016 from Redhat safety dubai. I found Redhat safety via Facebook and connected to them later on. Redhat safety provides very useful course materials for me. The founder of Redhad safety Mr. Raja Tamilselvan assist me how to takle the exam. He taught us how to write in the exam as well as explained about the nebosh command words. I was very exited to do nebosh diploma because i know the values and scopes of nebosh diploma. I have basic knowledge about health and safety, although I was not in the HSE field because I have done Nebosh IGC in 2014.

During my Nebosh Diploma class time, i travelled almost 300 km to attend the classes. I was a security officer working in the hospital in the night shift and the 12 hours duty including no day off. At first it was very difficult me to manage the time because i need to work at night and attended the class in the morning. The place where i lived was far from the city. There were no local buses or taxi to go to the city. I used private car to go to the Al Ain city and from there i used to take public bus to Dubai. Sometimes my teacher Mr. Junario gave me a lift in his car to the Dubai because he also used to go from the Al Ain. We learnt many things in the classroom. Our teacher taught us very nicely. He explained about health and safety matters and taught techniques us about how to write in the real exam.

The class started morning at 9:30 am and finished at 01:30 pm. After the class i used to come with my friends up to bur Dubai because they lived in Abu Dhabi. We enjoyed and learnt about health safety. Time has passed quickly and we finished our unit B and unit C then the class stopped. We started to prepare for an exam for the January 2017 exam. At the end of the class i learnt much about health and safety. I was more excited to learn about health and safety. I read all the course materials which have fully informative for health and safety. I was prepared for the unit B exam. Unit B is a hardest unit in the nebosh diploma. I went through the course materials and read all the topics which needed foe exam. I read all the past exam questions. I read almost 5 hours a day. It was continued almost 4 months. I was ready for the exam, the exam was held in July.

I attempted unit B but i failed first time. Then i changed my plan to attempt unit a on the following exam. At that time, i was little confused what to do. At that time, my teacher Mr. Raja gives me ideas and also my Jagan bro provided me all the useful ideas to pass the exam. At that time, if my teacher Mr. Raja and my brother Mr. Jagan had not encouraged me to take the exam, i would have left the exam. If they were not there for me, i would not be here where i am today. After their guidance i prepared for the next exam. I passed the unit A exam easily. I am more excited to prepared next unit. I attempted unit B exam January 2018 and i passed the unit B. Now i am preparing for unit C. I hope in the near future, I will complete all the units.

During my exam preparation time at the beginning, i felt very difficult and sometimes i thought i could not pass the exam and planned to leave an entire exam. Many times i decided not to take any exam again, then again, I thought if i left the exam, the people would call me a loser. In my mind different thought came mostly the negative thought. It diverted my mind and made me mad. I suffered from it up to my unit A result. After i passed my unit A and then i made a plant not to leave an exam at any costs. I prepared for Unit B and recently i passed the unit B. Now i am preparing for unit c exam.

If we live with the fear, it will destroy us. Live without fear and follow your passion you will sooner later reach in your aim. If you don’t have an enemy within you, outside enemy can do not harm to you. You need to believe in you no matter what others say and think of you. You must think positively of you. One day your positive thought drives you to your goal. You must be patient and wait for the golden time sooner later

Your time will come, your turn will come. I heard that every dog has a day. So, be patient your time yet to come.
I have passed many stages between these 2 years. From nobody to somebody because of the Nebosh diploma and your help all of you. Thanks for your help.

Look at my friends, how many years i have waited to be hired in the HSE field, but yet no one willing to hire me because i am inexperienced person.

I passed nebosh IGC in 2014 than i applied thousands of jobs but i got no response. They all rejected me and thrown my resume into the dustbin somewhere. But their rejection doesn’t discourage me, gives me energy to be something, to learn some more and to do different is the reason why i am here today with you guys. Learning is the continuous process, keep learning. I saw in the Linkedin someone wrote the day you left reading, you become old from that day.

I am going to say something my classmates, they are Hse officers, engineers and managers. I am your classmate and you know my background very well, so think i could pass the exam who never be in the hse field up to now, why are you afraid of. You have all the knowledge and ability to pass the exam, please attempt the exam. Don’t think that i am disrespecting you, brothers, i respect you and love you all. I want to see my friends in the higher level as others. Sorry friends if i hurt you.

Now i am confident that i will clear the nebosh diploma. It is still challenging for me but i will clear my diploma at any cost. Nebosh diploma provides me extra energy, hope and joy. I have learnt so many things which is required in the HSE field. The one reason i like most Hse because it protect people from the danger and provides all the information, instruction and training for diffrent kinds of workplaces. My aim is to be a one of the best HSE practitioner.

Chandra Magar

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