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OSHAD Categories – Grade A, Grade B & Grade C

Nowadays, in most of the job ads they express requirement for OSHAD A category professionals as well as B & C categories professionals, in UAE.

What is meant by OSHAD Categories?
Please check the below link

How they are categorized into Grades

Grade A – Ph.D. in Safety, CMIOSH, CSP, etc.
Grade B – Grad IOSH, MIIRSM, etc.
Grade C – Tech IOSH, etc.
Please check the attached screenshots

Nowadays, clients are selecting the HSE professionals based on their Grades
For example
HSE Director – Must be in Grade A Category
HSE Manager – Must be in Grade B or Grade A Category
HSE Engineer – Must be in Grade B or Grade A category

So hereafter, without a proper HSE Qualifications/ Membership it would be challenging to get employment in the field of Safety in the Gulf countries.

For more details please check the below link


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